What we treat

Diagnostic tests

In Delavi, we provide full eye diagnostics with the use of the top quality equipment. This allows precise assessment of the defect or disease advancement and selection of the most effective method of treatment. Having in mind the good of our patients, we want them to start treatment as soon as possible. That is why, we do our best to establish a detailed diagnosis during one visit, if that is possible.

Eye diagnostics in Delavi


Cutting-edge technology


Full diagnostics during one visit


Effective vision assessment

  • examination of visual acuity and refraction following cycloplegia (pharmacological dilation of pupils),
  • assessment of the anterior and posterior eye segment with the use of a slit lamp,
  • assessment of the fundus of the eye (following dilation of pupils),
  • measurement of intraocular pressure using either applanation method or non-contact method,
  • selection of glasses and contact lenses made by an optometrist during the next visit.
  • OCT – optical coherence tomography,
  • pachymetry – measurement of corneal thickness,
  • biometry – measurement of the length of the eye and calculation of the artificial lens,
  • perymetry – automated visual field (including blue-on-yellow),
  • eye ultrasound,
  • corneal endothelium examination using an endothelial microscope,
  • fluorescein angiography,
  • corneal topography.